Thursday, January 12, 2012

NO Progress

Have to confess I'm still a Big Fat Procrastinator.  

NO writing done this week-end, and I haven't been getting in 15 minutes of free writing in the mornings AT ALL. I should be taking advantage of the long summer days.  I'm blazing with the energy (if not the will) to write. When winter swings back, I'll be shambling around like a tired old bear again.

At least I'm coughing up a few blog posts. And I doing a critique every week. God I'm pathetic.

This week-end I'm going to try to find the right actions/scene for the Enlightenment story. I'll start out by free writing like crazy and see if my subconscious can throw me a couple of crumbs. 

If I can keep this pace up, my first shitty novel draft should be finished when I'm 82.

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