Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Start with character - not the plot

My favorite prompt is making a bullet list of all my characters’ likes and dislikes. I was a little apprehensive of wasting good writing time, but when I suddenly knew how, my character reacted to anything he encountered; it became one of my pre-writing commandments.

Cathy Colborn - - 10/7/12

When I started out trying to write, I came across some good advice for beginner writers. When you want to create a story, DON'T think about possible scenes or events -  the action, the plot. Start off by focusing totally on character. Build a character and story ideas, the events will begin to flow out.

But for some reason, even though I saw the truth of that advice, I've been going round and round in circles trying to string bits of action together. 

WHY ? It hasn't been working for me. 

So - this weeks prompt in the writing group is a story about some-one needing an allowance. I had the idea of a henchman /minion timidly asking his evil overlord for a small allowance.  But as usual, got stuck on WHAT HAPPENS. So tonight I'll make a list of this character's likes and dislikes - and see if that gives me an idea for a story.

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