Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fear of Writing

I started a writing exercise that involves answering questions about your protagonist. Turns out I can't even finish a simple 30 minute exercise ! 

I got stuck because I was thinking about the nail house idea, and couldn't work out who the MC is, which POV is the lense for this story. And the questions didn't seem to relate to either of the 2 characters. And I thought, fuck I have NO idea what the main tensions and conflicts are. I just have this idea of a feisty old lady who refuses to get kicked out of her house, and is befriended by the building supervisor who works for the evil developer.

And I thought - I can't move forward because I haven't locked onto what I want to say. WHY does the story of Edith Macefield appeal to me so much. And why does the story about 2 old women found dead in their flat fascinate me ?

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